19th May 2022, Hotel, Martinez, Cannes

  • Opening Speech: Luiz F. Costa Macambira, Entrepreneur, CEO of Forbes Monaco and Forbes Netherlands
  • Tree Smart Ways to Monetize Your Instablog in 2022: Jenny Gordienko, a TOP Influence-Marketing Expert, TEDx, and ELLE Active Forum Speaker
  • Art, Fashion & NFT’s: Web3 Collaboration Strategies Influencers and Brands: Talia Zoref, NFT Artist, Fashion Illustrator, and Journalist
  • MGVC Session: Marysia Gorobets, producer, TV presenter, master of ceremony, and founder of MG Vision Club
  • Love is in the Air! How to Attain Mutual Love Between the Brand and the Influencer: Nataliya Morozova, CEO Havas Village, one of the biggest advertising Group in Ukraine
  • WeWay Session: Fuad Fatullaev, Founder and CEO of WeWay
  • Three Ways to Maximize Your Influence: Austin Zelan, an American Businessman, Investor, TEDx Speaker, and Philanthropist
  • The Impact of Social Media on the Business Development: Kelly Rutherford, an Actress, an Advocate of Multiple Charities, Co-Founder of Sovereign Collective and Whyzzer
  • Emotional Intelligence Session: Greta Sapkaite, Entrepreneur, Co-founder of SafeSim, and President of World Influencers and Bloggers Association
  • Highlighting Crucial Social Causes and Awareness Through Influencers’ Activity and Creative Decisions